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Are your supplier terms putting a crunch on your cash flow with Net 30 or COD terms? Clarity Trade Finance Partners extends creditworthy companies with terms up to 90 days, providing you the funds needed to purchase products or services from suppliers. Free up cash immediately and align it with receivable net terms.

This powerful service helps companies manage cash flow by providing 90-day payment terms for all the products they buy for resale or manufacturing. Supplier Credit does not interfere in existing bank lines and appears on the clients books as an Account Payable.

Clarity relies on credit insurance to buy the goods as directed by our clients, providing terms to 90 days. This can be a powerful tool to grow your business when your suppliers are not providing credit terms. This can also be a tool to time the purchase of goods that are subject to market volatility.

How It Works

Clients issue a PO to Clarity to buy the goods.

Clarity pays the Supplier and Clarity sells them back to our clients the same day.

Client pays back Clarity with 90 day terms.

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